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  1. Land receiving
  2. Fund raising
  3. International city
  4. Life from a dead end
  5. Godís way to finance us
  6. A little harvest
  7. Tree enquiry
  8. Builder's visit
  9. Essential oil

Initial progress report of Eden Plan.  18th June 2007

On the morning of 13th April 2007, the Eden plan officially acquired 50 acres of farmland for its satellite TV project. This is the first phase of our Gospel project. The second phase would use the profit made by this farmland to acquire another 80 acres of commercial land to build the TV stations.

The following afternoon, we launched the project by shipping our farming equipment to the site. On entering the entrance, we saw the road was muddy, because of the snow was just melted. We were pretty smart of not to proceed any further, but was already too late. On entering beyond 40 ft, our van got stuck in the mud. The more we attempted to get out of the mud, the more we were sinking into the ground. Since it was already evening, so we decided to set up a temporary storage tent for the material we brought with us.

Our farm is divided into three sections. The entrance section has about five acres of vacant land. There are two ponds at the entrance. The larger pond is closer to our neighbour. The mid section is grassland. It has been growing hay for years for selling to cattle farms. The rear section has a stream. The water is flooding all over the land as the stream is shallow.

We decided to camp over the prairie because it has good scenery. On transporting material to the site, we found any thing with wheels is useless. It is because the vacant land has been unused for long time. There are ant hills as high as a chair, holes, bush, and muddy land everywhere. The wheelbarrow we brought couldnít do any help, that we have to hand carried it as well. The first night we passed in the farm was freezing cold. Fortunately, the down comforter keeps us warm. Early morning, we took advantage of the freezing ground; the van was able to get out from stuck.

On Sabbath morning, we found our neighbour is an old German couple. Their only son died on car accident and his daughter in-law died on cancer a few years later. Our neighbour makes a living on raising rare fowl for the zoo. He has to borrow our pond to keep his swan. For some reason, I believe of preventing cross breeding, he keeps only one couple of young swan on our pond at a time. We frequently see beautiful scenery of Swan Lake, and the love scenery of male swan guarding its mate to hedge eggs. Our neighbour told us that he has to report all eggs laid by the swan to the government of Canada. These swans are obviously rare species. Our neighbour agrees to provide us electricity and water in exchange of using our pond.

Our neighbour has two gold colour dogs. The male mute dog looks like a Chinese species and never barks. The smaller female fox looking dog is very shy. She has a crippled rear right leg. These dogs are very friendly and love to play with us.

Our neighbour suggested us to camp near the pond, which has more beautiful scenery. We enquired him if the mosquito is more severe by the water. He replied yes. We figured that mosquito would also in the prairie any way. For security reason, it is wiser to move our equipment closer to our neighbour for he told us some bad boys had destroyed the lawn furniture of previous landlord when he left them on the prairie.

Mid April in Canada is still freezing cold. The first few nights we spend on our farm were purely suffering. We prayed to God to have mercy on us. One day, when I passed by the neighbourhood, I found somebody was putting a trailer on sale. That trailer was pretty small which does not fit our purpose. I stopped by and asked for the price anyway. I learned this family is doing consignment sales for clients. I asked if they have a bigger trailer that could be used for housing. She showed me a 32ft Prowler trailer. This trailer can sleep six people, has kitchen, washroom, and two bedrooms. The price she wanted was very affordable that the deal was made immediately. The following week, four people hauled the trailer to our farm with a tractor. They set it up by the pond and have it levelled. I learned these four people used to work for McDonald Douglas assembly plant in Toronto International Airport. The plant merged with Boeing and shut down latter. I asked if they believe there is God. They said no. I asked who make those beautiful trees by the pond side. One of them replied people made the trees, he express every thing is man made. I said people plant the trees, but God create the trees. They were surprised. One of them feels guilty because he eats only meat and drink beer. He has the impression that Christian eats vegetables only. I explained to them the most important thing for them is to seek eternal life. They do not believe there is eternal life. They believe there is no hope when people die. I deeply believe the neighbourhood of our farm needs evangelism. We shall host an outdoor evangelism when the farm is properly setup.

We have purchased some light duty power equipments prior to closing of the transaction. It includes a Honda tiller, lawn mower, water pump, electric generator, chain saw, and etc. We have chosen light duty equipment rather than heavy duty equipment such as tractor, plough, disks just because of the price. A good tractor could cost as much as one hundred thousand dollars. The prices of used tractors are unreal. A ten year old tractor could ask for the price near new. You could hardly find any tractors thirty years old. Most used tractors in the market are 50 to 70 years old. Most farmers choose rental rather than purchase. That is why it is difficult to find used equipment. We figured it is not feasible for us to rent any equipment, because our farm has not been ploughed for many years. The land is very hard. It is full of hay, weed, bush and wild trees. We must destroy the roots of these plants before we can sow. Using fire is the best solution, but is prohibited by law. Using chemical is simple, but is against our policy of organic farming. The best solution we could think of is to till the land many times. Each till would let the sun to kill the root of plants. The gap between each till is one week. If we use rental equipment, the total cost of rental could be quite high.

Our tilling job was begun on mid April. The stuck of our wagon and the muddy state of the soil had delayed us two weeks. On early May, our tiller went into wet mud and couldnít get out. It wasted us another week of time. Our tiller works on the principle of auger rotation, works badly on land surface containing long fibre material, such as hay, weed, and roots. Therefore, we decided to do a mowing and shred all surface material before we till. This procedure doubled our time. The previous owners left over some old wire mesh on repairing the fence. These metal mesh sunk into soil with time couldnít be seen at all. It caught our machine and flip it over when it passed by. These accidents happened several times. Thank God that there was no injury. The unwinding of metal mesh and roots from the auger of tiller gave further delay of our project. Just as we expected, wild weed grows again after a week of till. So we have to repeat the till again and again four times before we sow our seeds. The left over roots still grow even after four time of till. The only solution is to removing them by hand. Commercial growers use herbicide to restrain weed. Using herbicide and insecticide are not our organic policy.

Our first sowing was delayed until early June. Although we have fifty British acres of land, we have utilized only half an acre. Mosquito bites and eye injury caused further time delays and low utilization. By mid May, a sudden warm current breed trillions of mosquito. We were forced to cut short on working hours to avoid the mosquito peak time. Our leader passed by a young wild tree. A branch containing needle went between his eye glasses and scratched his cornea. He instantly saw blurry object and saw double images after few days later. Eye doctor advised him that he could fully recover in few weeks time. Human eye is a wonderful creation. Cornea could heal in very short time and resurface in few weeks. The human eye is like a camera but there is no human camera could re-polish its lens.

Although the Eden Plan has not gone smoothly as we speculate, however, we are still very satisfied for the progress in two months. We have already contacted several supermarkets to market our produce. They are requesting samples from us. We would be happy if we could make enough profit to purchase heavy duty equipment for the coming years. Our sufferings and experiences are a test of faith. We deeply believe God will lead us on His own way. Whether we could build the TV station successfully is determined by God, not by us.

Fund raising, 1st July 2007

The Eden Plan management had been considered many methods to raise funds for this gospel project. Two effective methods, which had been considered, are selling shares and bonds. We have considered raising funds in the Hong Kong stock market. The stock market in Hong Kong is so active, that people line up several streets to get ration of opportunity to purchase new shares. The draw back of offering shares is the corporation could easily taken over by foreigners. There is the risk of letting in non-Christian management, which could defeat our original aim.

An alternative method is to issue bonds. Bonds are a way of borrowing money from individuals or corporations by gibing the bondholder a written promise of returning his money in a period of time with interest. The bondholder does not own the corporation. They also do not have the risk of loosing their money.

30th June 2007, the Eden Plan management was in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. We were studying the possibility of raising fund for this gospel project through issuing bonds. We meet an experienced bond broker who had worked in New York City and Cleveland. We were staying in his house as guest for three days. His luxurious old house built before world war two, located at the suburb of Cleveland, indicated he is a successful broker. At the barbecue, he explained that he is a second level broker. The Eden Plan must go through the first level bankers to raise funds. He could introduce us to those bankers.

Issuing bonds must give the investor enough confidence that we could return his investment at the promised date. Eden Plan has a farm, which has no income yet. It is difficult to convince investors to put money on this infant project at present moment. Therefore, we temporary suspend this idea until we have a more stable income.

International city

The Eden Plan is anticipated to purchase 80 acres of commercial land on phase two of this project. This is a very huge development, which could trigger business opportunities of all levels. Since we are building at least 100 multicultural TV stations, we must bring in people from every corner of the world to participate, for we do not know their culture. This broadcasting city would have a population of many thousands. These immigrants need accommodations, investments and jobs. On phase three, we shall use their culture to build an international city across the street to settle these people. This international city shall have many streets, of which each street has a distinct country theme. We shall make this international city a tourist attraction point. There will be all kinds of business investment opportunity such as beauty parlours, restaurants, souvenir stores, supermarkets, travel agencies, banks, hotels, garages, book stores, factory outlets, and etc and etc. These businesses inherited the heritage of their country of origin. The rent we collected shall be used to support these TV stations.  God already reserves all the land required for this project. There would be about four hundred British acres of land use. We are keeping the location confidential at this moment.

All Eden plan building featured environmental friendly. They have greenhouse rooftops to keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter. Organic produce would supply to our own restaurants and supermarkets. Solar energy, wind energy, biogas would be widely used to reduce greenhouse gases. Commune buses would be running between the airport and our city. Economy hotel rate and packages attract tourist from all over the world to attend TV show and tour Canada. If you are interested on this project or have a better idea, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Life from a dead end, 8th July 2007

The spring and summer of 2007 hardly had any rain in northern part of the northern hemisphere. Although the weather forecast had predicted there would be rain; the rain was just like sprinkling pepper. Contrary, on the subtropical of northern hemisphere, rains were pouring non-stop causing severe flooding. Weather specialists said these extreme phenomenons are theoretically agreeable. Similar phenomenon occurs in southern hemisphere. All bees disappeared. There is no doubt a great world wide famine is coming. These are signs of Jesusí second coming. People are still seeking pleasure as in the time of Noah. The Eden Plan bears an urgent errand to warn these people. We have an idea of using agriculture to support a satellite TV project. Unfortunately, this idea does not work in famine time.

On 8th July 2007, we examined the crop we planted in the Garden of Eden, which is located in Ontario, Canada. The severe drought had wiped out our crop entirely. Our investment of five hundred US dollars of seeds was a total write off. We surveyed the vegetable market; majority of farmers had the same fate as us. While we were in deep despair, for worked like a horse for two months, and hadnít raised any funds for the gospel project, our neighbour brought up several questions to us. He, a farmer of forty years experience, suffering severe loss as well, asked us about the contract, and the matter of selling the trees. We were totally lost by his question. He later explained that the previous owner of our farm had used the technical assistance from the government of Canada to plant eleven thousand trees at the back portion of our farm. He had signed a contract with the government of not selling those trees in twenty-five years. Those beautiful landscaping trees could worth as much as a thousand dollar each now. We were completely stunned; for we had never realized our backyard is so big that fits so many trees. We then realized God had lead us to purchase this farm prior to the construction of the broadcasting station must has His will. It was many years ago that He had already raised the fund for us. It is our misunderstanding of Him of using our own effort. Our loss was a test of faith. It is time for us to search for this contract and consider the possibility to convert these resources into cash. We praise the Lord for His wonderful way. 

Godís way to finance us

On 12 July 2007, I wrote to the previous owner of our farm. He immediately replied us and suggested a meeting with me. On the following Sunday, I met him in his house. He verified he had planted 6000 White Pines and 5000 Norway Spruces with the help of Canadian government fifteen years ago. The contract would allow specialist from government of Canada to monitor the health of his trees, and he cannot remove the trees in fifteen years. This agreement was expired 10 days prior he sold the farm to us. The forest is now due to thin down. He suggested we could sell those trees freely without binding to any contract or law. Our forest has deer, wolves and foxes. Hunters trespass to hunt. They even cut our fences and built a platform to shoot from above. He had called police to arrest these hunters.

When we purchased this farm, because it was in deep winter, the real estate broker had not showed us the forest. We assume that the rear portion of our farm is swamp because he had said his truck could get stuck if go further down. On receiving the farm, I saw there were rows and rows of beautiful and healthy trees at the back. These trees are the most beautiful trees I have even seen. I dared not go any further, because I thought these trees belongs to my neighbour at the back.

34 years ago, when my brother in-law moved in a house he just purchased, a landscaper offered him one thousand dollars for two trees the previous owner planted. He refused to sell them. In 1973, you could purchase a car for three thousand dollars. On assuming each tree worth one thousand dollars nowadays, our forest could raise eleven million Canadian dollars. This sum is good enough to finance our gospel project with ease.

My insurance broker introduced me to a tree farm. I made an appointment to discuss business with him on 30 July 2007. This tree farm is a leading tree grower specialized on exporting trees to everywhere in the world. This tree farm owner expresses pessimism about his business, for he has lost 60% of newly planted trees recently on the drought. He said United States purchased large trees from Canada because most US tree farms do not have the space to keep these large size inventories. He said buyers would pay premium price on Norway Spruces. We agreed that although our trees could worth thousands of dollars each, but there is a heavy digging, shipping, disease inspection, and transplant cost on them. These labour costs could exceed the value of the tree. 15-year-old tree has the highest value, but is also the most difficult to market item. He said landscaping trees must have the bottom branches in good health and shape. I assured him our trees have the best quality because they were gift from God. He does not want to commit on offering me prices until he has made survey on quality and demands on the market.

Our meeting did not bear any conclusion. Summer is a bad time to transplant tree. I figured we must have the patience to wait. God had already financed our project with payment in the form of trees. I deeply believe He would lead us to covert His currency into humanís currency. If you come across any corporation needs landscaping in heavenly quality trees, please introduce us to them. (China is currently landscaping the 2008 Olympic game stadiums. They can pay high price for high quality trees. If you know any of these landscaping companies, please introduce us.)

A little harvest

9th Sept 2007 Garden of Eden. Our 20 acres of hay had been sold 60% below market value. It is because the hay merchant took advantage on us, of being new to the community. For this little amount of money wonít even cover our gasoline cost for one year. We decided to give this money as gift to our neighbourís wife who has been diagnosed terminal. For they are in the community which could get better price than us. The hay merchant rewrote the amount on the cheque to lower value on knowing her husband refused our gift.

We discovered snow pea, broad bean and lettuce could survive the drought. We had a little harvest on them. We even had a little gain on the seeds we had consumed on snow pea and lettuce. We planted 40 pounds of broad bean seeds. The return is only five pounds. It is a bad lost.

The garlic we planted on seeds preserved on last year did not grow. It had already turned bad before we planted them on last spring. We discovered garlic seed can not preserve. It must be used immediately. That is why you can not buy garlic seeds in the market. We have moved hundred thousand garlic seeds from our home garden to the farm today. These garlic seeds were derived from a few pieces of garlic we planted many years ago. Each plant could have a few hundred folds of seeds. We expect we might have a big gain to several million garlic seeds if weather permit by 2008. Garlic seeds can germinate in autumn and survive very well through winter. But it cannot survive on drought. We intend to major on garlic plantation because it repels all insects. Dr Laws complain the frozen garlic he purchased in supermarket has no taste. I believe those garlic were grown on fertilizer. My home grown garlic has excellent hot taste. Organic garlic is sold four dollars per pound. It has excellent price.

Broad bean can also survive through winter if it is not severely cold. It has low survival rate on Canadian cold winter. Broad bean does not like hot summer. It turns black on sizzling weather.

The rest of our produces were on total lost.

We are working intensively on this autumn to prepare the soil for the coming spring. We take advantage of the cool and nice weather of the autumn. 

Tree enquiry

 14th Sept 2007 Mississauga. There was one builder called me this morning. He saw my web page on tree for sale. He wants 20 trees of 20 feet tall each. I quoted him price of $60.00 per foot. That is $1200 each. He said a tree farm offers him $800 each. I said price is negotiable. Our trees are 15 years old and disease free. They are blessed by God. He must compare the quality. We also give warranty as competitors do. I believe their $800 trees are not 20 feet, because many $500 trees are below 10 feet tall. He asked our farm address, and promised to discuss with his associates. I wish he would call us again. This event proved our trees do worth 10 millions dollars as I requested to God. The problems are how to find the right buyer, we do not have equipment to dig and deliver. There is also competition on prices. Even so, $800 per tree is still very good price. For we have over 11 thousand trees. In the mean time, we couldn't do anything, but waiting for God's arrangement. Please pray for His own work.

23rd Sept 2007 Mississauga. We have studied the procedure of moving large trees. Press this link to see a video of how to transplant a big tree. A tree spade is installed on a truck. This spade has large claws which insert into the soil and could pick the tree out as easy as picking vegetable. The tuck would go to the planting site to grab and carry a big chunk of soil to discharge into the tree farm. The spade truck then would dig and carry the tree and plant it on the hole previously dug. The digging and planting procedures are just a matter of few minutes. Majority of the time spent is travelling. The price of a used 65Ē truck spade is Can$40,000.00. Our insurance broker said this price is excellent. The new problem rises is we do not have a truck driverís licence.

 We contacted the builder who previously enquired our trees for $800.00 each. He raised the offer to $1,200.00 per tree on first dialogue. The truck spade merchant said the market value should be $1,800.00 per tree.

 We have no interest of purchasing this equipment if we could find a contractor to do the job for us. On enquiring over ten contractors, none of them could convince us that they would sincerely dealing with us. Every one of them wants unrealistic price. We would for sure loose money if we contract them the job. 

 Planting large trees could move the environment clock forward by many years. Chinese said, the ancestor plants the tree, and the descendants enjoy the shade. Earlier, we thought transplanting big tree has limited market. After studying more deeply into this business, we discovered there is good potential. The emerging of heavy duty equipments makes moving tree a brisk. There is a high demand of large trees on new developments.

  On failing to find a reliable contractor, the only solution left for us is to purchase the equipment and run the business by ourselves. In the mean time, we are working on a truck driverís licence, and raising money for the equipment.

Builderís visit

Garden of Eden 27th September 2007. We received a phone call from the builder who previously enquired our trees. He said he was in the vicinity of our farm and would like to see our trees, for he intends to sell our trees to many of his clients. I make an appointment to meet him in the afternoon at the Garden of Eden.

I expect builders would drive four-wheel drive pickup trucks, and then, there would be no problem of taking him to the forest. It turns out he was driving a Mercedes Benz sedan. I have to use my van to take him to the wood. Once we went into the wood, the weed and hay were so tall that I could hardly see the front. I was very afraid of getting stuck for I know the forest has high anthills and groundhog holes.

The builder express he is more interested on twenty-foot tall Cedar trees, for he could not find any in other tree farms. As I understood, for marketing reasons, all tree farms harvest Cedar trees below six foot tall and sell them for $30-70. I saw many of them in Canadian Tire store.

We have a limited number of Cedars that meet the builderís requirement. I took him to our Cedar trees. These trees are in beautiful shape. There were some sports of brown leaves amount the trees. I told the builder this is a natural phenomenon in autumn. Cedars are year round green, but they do need time to change some of the leaves. He expressed he understood. But I have the feeling that he is not happy to see those dried leaves. I told him we want $1000.00 per tree. He pays the moving cost, which is about $750-1000 per tree.

Our meeting ends with no conclusion. The price we quoted is very reasonable, for there is no competitor can match our price and quality for they just do not have any.

Essential oil    March 2010

Through the blessing of God, my daughter Andrea Tung was supposed to do further study on fashion design in England to extend her Ryerson University degree. On Godís arrangement, she got what she wants plus learning, training, and practicing with a bunch of aromatherapy practitioners in United Kingdom and Germany. I called her back to Canada because of H1N1 which I afraid of forced vaccination. After one month of deep thought, she decided to manufacture skin care products using the resources from the Garden of Eden.

We plan to use this farm to raise money to build gospel satellite TV broadcasting stations. My original idea was growing organic health food. It was a total disaster of loosing one thousand dollars worth of good quality seeds. The previous owner of this Garden has grown fifteen thousand trees, which he has not mentioned to us when we acquire this farm. A year later, on learning each tree worth one thousand dollars, we attempted to market the trees and have received quite a number of enquiries. We later found moving these trees costs more money than they are worth. There is no landscaper willing to take our contract with reasonable price.

The financial crises, H1N1, Sunday Law, earthquake, famine, and etc, made us speculate the return of Jesus is so imminent, that there is no means to gospel any more. Through the grace of God, there is delay. This is an errand for us to gospel with last effort. Andrea discovered God has already given us all the resources to raise enough money to gospel the world. We can use our plants to extract essential oil to manufacture natural skin care products. Essential oils are so precious that for example, one gram of rose oil is worth $50.00.

Christians are not supposed to wear cosmetic. Our products although classified as cosmetic is not really a cosmetic. While it gives beauty, it can protect skin and also have healing effect. My fingers, lips and heels usually cracks and bleed every winter. My heel skin were dry like cow hide, was sharp like knife can cut. It was so painful. After using her products, my skin is smooth and soft. The aroma on her products makes me feel joy all the time. Many skin care products in the market could give you same protection, but majority of them are using ingredients derived from petroleum products. The aromas are artificial. These inferior man made products could give adverse effect. That is why cosmetic manufacturers have to use animal testing. Natural ingredients although more expensive, is worth the value, as it is the material given by God. They are safe as it is known for thousands of years. Andreaís products are in the trend of rediscovery as people are realizing the trouble of alternating nature.

Our brand called Fable Natural has several products already in production is available immediately. We are recruiting independent sales representatives and distributors in every city of the world. This could be part time or full time. We also co-operate with churches, and charitable organizations for fund raising. Special arrangements of terms are available. Anyone interested in this challenging opportunity can contact us at 905-625-9261 or send us an email on andreatung at

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